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You will confidently develop your English speaking skills with our tailored approach to language learning.

Private ESL Lessons

Learn English as a second language

English for Adults

General English

Our general English courses are designed for individuals seeking to enhance both fluency and accuracy in English. Our courses cater to a diverse range of learners, including those pursuing professional development, academic study, or personal interest.

Professional Communication

Business English

Join our Business and Professional English course, specifically designed to enhance your English language proficiency for effective professional communication. Benefit from small, focused groups that foster interactive learning. Through practical tasks and targeted practice, you'll gain the confidence needed to deliver presentations, actively participate in international meetings, engage in cross-cultural networking, and excel in various professional scenarios.

English for all levels

We offer different types of courses to learn English from beginner, intermediate and advanced level learners (A1-C1)

IELTS and TEOFL Preparation

Taking an IELTS or TEOFL exam?

Our tutors have a track record in preparing students for IELTS and TOEFL exams. Our lessons are meticulously tailored to equip students with the essential academic English skills needed to succeed in these exams. Through targeted instruction, students will practice mock exams with their tutor, fostering familiarity and confidence with question formats and required tasks.Lessons cater to intermediate and advanced English learners, enhancing proficiency and confidence in speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

Dyadm Academy offers flexible learning options with both online and in-person classes. Online courses provide convenience and flexibility, allowing you to learn from home at a time that suits you. In-person sessions can take place at an agreed location, providing a personal touch. Group sessions are available in both formats.No matter your preference, Dyadm Academy is dedicated to delivering quality instruction to help you achieve your language goals. Contact us to explore the options and begin your language-learning journey.

Single Session

1 hour Class

Join our dynamic and personalised 1-hour ESL class designed to accelerate your English language skills. Choose what works for you, either in person or online.

Single Session

2 Hrs+ Class

Elevate your language skills to new heights with our immersive and tailored class for 2 hours+ in-person or online . Led by our expert tutors, bring your English proficiency to the next level.

For Practical and Leisure

English for travel

Enhance your travel experience with practical English skills tailored for your next trip. Learn useful phrases for navigating airports, hotels, and English-speaking cities. Acquire the ability to confidently order food at restaurants and explore the city of London through specialised lessons.Whether you seek long-term progress or a quick refresher, Dyadm Academy offers lessons to suit all goals.
Contact us now for a free consultation and embark on your English language journey with us.

Engaging Group Lessons

Group Sessions

Join our dynamic group class that fosters an interactive and supportive learning environment. Embark on a language-learning journey alongside your peers, reaping the benefits of shared knowledge, diverse perspectives, and mutual encouragement. Together, let's make language learning a collaborative and enriching experience.

Group Session

1 hour Class

Are you and a group of friends eager to learn English together? A flexible learning option that provides the convenience of online classes with the richness of face-to-face interaction.

Group Session

2 hrs+ Class

Unleash the power of group learning and join our 2-Hour+ online and in-person ESL class for groups. Our dynamic classes are engaging and caters to a group of 2 students and above.

Join Our Team

Are You An English Teacher?

Are you a passionate English teacher with a desire to make a difference? We are actively seeking qualified instructors to join our esteemed team of experienced trainers.
If you are dedicated to the art of teaching and ready to contribute your expertise, we would be thrilled to have you on board!
Reach out to us today to request an application form.

Private Tutoring For Younger Learners

If you are an 11+ or college student please visit our main site for more information


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